In her self portrait project, Falling Into Place, photographer Patricia Lay-Dorsey shows an intimate view of her day-to-day life with a disability. (4:20)

Healing Sport - Tim Hetherington explored the healing qualities of sport and the spirit of competition in war-torn countries of western Africa. 
This video was included in Sebastian Junger's film about Tim's life, Which Way Is the Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington. (6:24)

Final Salute - Todd Heisler won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for this story about the Marine Honor Guard and Major Steve Beck, who support the families of fallen Marines. (5:08)

Coal Hollow - Ken and Melanie Light explored the back roads of rural West Virginia, witnessing the poverty, despair and resilience of Appalachia. (12:49)

Saved From The Streets -  John Thomas's direction in life was changed by his basketball coach's support and encouragement. Photos by Carol Guzy of The Washington Post. (4:28)

Forty Acres and a Dream - John Ficara photographed the lives of African-American farmers, and tells of their discrimination by banks and the U.S. Government. (20:32)

On The Borders of Burma - Chan Chao traveled back to his native country to photograph the community of refugees and political exiles that live on Burma’s borders. (3:47)

The Lost Boys of Sudan - Eli Reed documented the Sudanese "Lost Boys" tough living conditions in the refugee camps,
and traveled back the United States with several of them, who were relocated for a chance at a better life. (4:16)

Distant Neighbors - Carlos Cazalis traveled the entire border of the United States and Mexico, where two nations live uneasily with each other. (12:26)

When Sarah Smiles - Bridget Caswell's story of Sarah Bullington, a blind girl whose joy for living is echoed by her teachers and family. (5:25)

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